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Delivr adds support for vzaar video hosting platform

27 May 2014

Media Block is a feature of Delivr’s mobile-friendly campaign landing pages. Media Block allows a special media element to be added to a mobile landing page where the media resides and is supplied by an external service. The Media Block field is presented when creating and editing a campaign landing page.

To add a media from the supported service specific information must be entered into the Media Block field. The information is specific to a service. Typically, it is a URL, but for some services it may be the relevant HTML code.

It is simple to add a vzaar hosted video:

vzaar videos have 3 possible URLs (regular, short and branded).  They’ll all work with Delivr. Enter the vzaar video URL of your choice in the media block field when you create a campaign landing page at Delivr. That’s it.

We entered the following vzaar URL:
The vzaar Shout URL: https://vzaar.tv/1624907 can also be entered.

…in the media block field for the example located here:

Currently, Media Block supports the following media services:

  • 8track video
  • Audioboo audio track
  • Instagram video or image
  • MixBit video
  • SlideShare presentation
  • SoundCloud audio track
  • SoundCloud playlist
  • Vimeo video
  • Vine video
  • vzaar video
  • Wistia video
  • YouTube video
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