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How to use Campaign Groups?

How to use Campaign Groups?

Campaign Groups are collections (sets) of campaigns.

Campaign Groups allow organizing campaigns into meaningful sets; individual campaigns can be placed in one or more Campaign Groups. Campaign Groups allow tracking and analysis results to be viewed on a group level, cumulative across all campaigns in a given group.

When logged in into your Delivr account:

  • To create a "Campaign Group" go to Settings > Groups > add new group, or Dashboard > Add New Group (see How to create a Campaign Group?).
  • To assign (or remove) a Campaign into a Campaign Group go to Dashboard, click on 'edit' for the desired Campaign, expand the Campaign Information section by clicking on [+] sign, look for the Campaign Groups selection in the middle of this section, select (or un-select to remove) the desired groups and click on the [Save] button at the bottom of this section.
  • To view Campaigns in a specific Campaign Group, select the desired Campaign Group from the pull-down list on the Dashboard.
  • To view a summary report for a Campaign Group, click on the Summary link at the top of the My Campaigns page when viewing that Campaign Group.

A campaign can belong to any number of Campaign Groups:  none, a single group, or several groups.

Below are some examples of how Campaign Groups can be used:

  • You could have QR Codes or NFC Tags associated with the content of one particular client.  That way, you can get the cumulative tracking and analytic reports for just those QR Codes or NFC tags.
  • You could have QR Codes and NFC Tags linked with the same Destination URL, but published in different media such as in magazines, posters and social media sites. To measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign, you could group all QR Codes published in magazines in one Campaign Group, those published on posters in another, and those published on the social media sites in yet another Campaign Group. This would allow creation of reports for a particular publishing medium that would provide insight into effectiveness of investment into that medium.
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