Can I get precise location information for each Short URL Click?

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Yes, if you select to prompt users for their Device GPS Location and users provide permission to allow to send this information to Delivr.

Precision of the location data varies. If the user’s device (smartphone or another device) supports GPS and is able to report this to delivr.com – which also means that the geolocation using GPS is enabled for a given code on the Delivr user’s account and that the user of the device used to scan the code agreed to allow the location information to be sent to delivr.com – the location information can be rather precise, often within the error margin smaller than one meter (three feet). However, the error margin could be higher. This is why delivr.com reports feature a circle around each location that illustrates possible actual location based on the margin of error. The smaller the circle, the more precise the location information is.

If the geolocation using GPS is not enabled, the location is less precise as it is based on the known location of the IP address of the device. The IP address of the device is typically associated with the network that the device is connected to, and such associated location may sometimes be miles away from the actual location of the device at the time. A good example are Blackberry devices, that all get their IP address from a Blackberry gateway and majority of these gateways are in Canada; so even a Blackberry device located in Caribbean could receive a Canadian IP address.

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