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What are the top 10 reasons you should consider Delivr as a replacement for the Google URL Shortener.

What are the top 10 reasons you should consider Delivr as a replacement for the Google URL Shortener.

Google kicked off the process of shutting down its URL shortener back in 2018, cutting off new users last April. On 30 March 2019, it closes for everyone. Links that have already been created will continue to function, but statistics won’t be visible anymore and users won’t be able to sign into from the web and create new links either. If you’re looking for a trustworthy alternative, here are the top reasons to choose Delivr.

Delivr's URL Shortener with Link Management goes far beyond creating shortlinks and click tracking. Delivr is a true link management platform offering a secure, flexible and reliable service that doesn't just shorten a link, but allows you to manage your short URLs across all aspects of the marketing and print media ecosystem.

While there are a host of differences between Delivr and other platforms that offer short URLs, the most significant features that set Delivr apart from the pack are two features that the Google URL Shortener never offered — the ability to edit the destination of a short URL and 100% private and secure reporting.


1. Editable Links & Destination URLs

Once a URL is shortened at, the destination can not be changed. At Delivr, all shortened links are dynamic. You can change your short URL destinations at any time and as often as you want — even if your marketing material has already been printed or shared. This will save reprinting costs, effort and enable you to respond to any changes in the campaign as quickly as possible. In addition, select Delivr plans provide intelligent link routing by operating system, geolocation and language. Further, with our support of Google Analytics UTM parameters, you can easily append Google® Analytics campaign parameters to your destination URL.

2. Smart URL Redirection

Delivr provides an smart URL feature that allows you to create a short link that contains multiple destination links. By implementing advanced redirect rules, you can achieve optimal results by intelligently redirecting users based on mobile operating system, geolocation or language.

3. QR Codes

Although you were able to create QR codes with, Delivr provides the ability to generate them in vector format and also track QR scans. This is an effective way to analyze your QR code’s performance. Delivr is one of a handful of companies worldwide licensed by DENSO. DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, is a world leader in automatic data capture technology and the inventor of the QR Code®. Through this relationship, Delivr offers a compelling new generation of services that transform the use of the conventional QR code and takes QR codes to a higher level of intelligence, security and customer experience.

4. Powerful Tools & Analytics

Both Delivr and Google provide the analytical tools to see how well your shared links are doing online. Delivr has a lot of advanced features and tools over Google. Delivr provides smart analytics tools that enable you to experience in real time how a shared link is performing. By using different links to A/B test each CTA’s views, you can determines the best channels, times to post, and types of content in order to reach and engage consumers. In addition, we provide hosted, easy to launch mobile-friendly landing pages and an amazing QR Code Generator with QR code management. And unlike, with Delivr you can organize your links in groups. Links can be placed in one or more groups. Summary reports showing aggregated activity across the group become available immediately. This is especially useful if you’re working on several projects at once and need an easy way to keep track of campaign performance.

5. Branded Short Domains

Delivr provides options for branded short domains which replaces the generic “” part of your shortened links with a custom domain of your own. This helps extend your brand and increase your clicks and engagement over standard short URLs. The Google URL Shortener does not provide this feature.

6. Privacy & Confidentiality

Google provides analytics in public mode only. Therefore, anyone who has the shortened link can access to all the information regarding that link by adding "+" at the end of the Google link. One of the biggest advantages of the Delivr URL Shortener is that all click data is secure and 100% private by default. Delivr ensures increased privacy of your data with private statistics under password protection. You can also choose to share reports without giving access to your Delivr account through shareable links.

7. Safety & Security

Abuse decreases significantly when Delivr shortener links are used due to a combination of automated and human security reviews of shortened links. See Delivr's Safe Browsing Transparency Report.

In addition, all Delivr short URLs are placed under HTTPS. SSL is essential for protecting your links, and even if they don’t contain sensitive information, it provides users with privacy and allows them to place trust in your brand. If you want people to click through to your website, using HTTPS URLs will give them peace of mind and let them know from the outset that your online business is one that can be trusted. This is particularly important if you want visitors to make payments or purchases on your website. And the way HTTPS is becoming the norm today, many people expect professional links to be shared with HTTPS. The more trust you can build, the better. Sharing HTTPS links is also particularly useful if you are publishing a link on a secure SSL page. If you use insecure links on one of your secure web pages and content is loaded from a non-HTTPS page, your web browser will warn that there is some page content that is insecure. Web privacy browser extensions will kick up a fuss too.

This feature is included in all our subscriptions. When you create a short URL, the traffic to your content will automatically be encrypted. There’s no configuration needed, we’ll handle it all for you. And if you’d prefer to use your own SSL certificate, get in touch with us and we can help you set that up.

8. Amazing Customer Support

Feel free to contact us whenever you need our help. Managed support plans are also available. We're also building a network of highly qualified professionals and companies to provide custom solutions.

9. Deep Experience

Delivr is a marketing technology platform used by thousands of businesses to drive audiences from print to digital experiences. The Delivr team has built and managed SaaS platforms that thousands of businesses use and millions of people engage with.

10. Get Immediate Results with No Risk or Obligation

Join thousands of companies using Delivr to shorten URLs, generate QR codes, manage links, build mobile landing pages and track engagement.  All inclusive pricing. No setup fees or contracts. Switch plans or cancel at any time.

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