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QR Code Generator with Dynamic QR Code Management

Create QR codes with our QR Code Generator and get the most advanced design, management and tracking available. Personalize your QR code with custom colors, patterns, background image and brand logo.

Dynamic QR Codes

Create smart campaigns with dynamic QR codes.

  • Edit target URL anytime
    • Edit the QR code URL without changing the QR code on your print or digital materials.
  • Track scanning activity
    • Track scans by location, time, operating system, engagement method, acquisition channel and language.
  • Activate/Deactivate QR code at anytime
    • Export analytics report in CSV format for reporting or further analysis
  • Add custom redirection URL or domain
    • Redirection link of the dynamic QR code is a customized short URL or your own domain URL

Create dynamic QR codes to manage content on your print materials.

  • Save Printing Costs
    • No need to reprint your material when you change the destination URL
  • Optimize Conversion Rate with Analytics
    • Dynamic QR codes are trackable. Get analytics on scanning activity
  • Run Dynamic Campaigns
    • Run interactive campaigns with dynamic content using a single QR code
  • Ensure Content is Relevant
    • Update content with time without changing the QR code to maintain relevancy
QR Code Tracking

Delivr offers a tracking solution for QR codes that allows everyone to launch and analyze real-world QR code campaigns. Tracking for QR codes is also available for integration into 3rd party QR code and other 2D Barcode platforms.

Track and analyze audience engagement with your campaign.

  • Advanced Scan Tracking
  • Track scans by location, time, operating system, engagement method, and acquisition channel
  • Visually-appealing Infographics
  • View visually-appealing audience heatmaps and infographics of your scan data to easily analyze campaigns
  • Analytics Report and Data Export
  • Export analytics report in CSV for reporting or further analysis

Get in-depth insights on audience behaviour.

  • Audience Heatmap
    • View scan location visually with an interactive graphical representation of activity data
  • Location Tracking
    • Track scans by country, state/province, city, and Zip/Postal Code
  • Time Tracking
    • Track scans by day, week, month, or custom period
  • Platform Tracking
    • Track scans by device platform and operating system
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Acquisition Channel Tracking

The 3 steps of our QR code tracking process explained.

  1. Create, Distribute, & Scan

    • QR code is created at Delivr.
    • QR code is distributed via ad, sticker, packaging, poster, publication, billboard, or wherever else you would include a URL.
    • Consumer sees and scans the QR code using their phone and any 2D barcode reader capable of reading a QR code.
    • The QR code reader launches the phone’s mobile Web browser, and sends the consumer to the URL encoded in the QR code.
  2.  Track & Deliver
    • Behind the scenes: Data about the scan and visit is posted to Delivr’s Tracking Server.
    • Consumer experience: The consumer is immediately directed to the campaign landing page/digital experience.
  3. Process & Report
    • Delivr processes and reports the results of the QR code-based campaign in real-time.

QR code® is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated in Japan and other countries. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Install applications at your own risk.

Print-ready, Vector Export

Delivr supports QR codes as specified in ISO/IEC 18004:2006 Information technology – Automatic identification and data capture techniques – QR code 2005 bar code symbology specification. You can modify QR code error correction, margin, size and color.

You can download QR codes in both raster (PNG, JPG) and vector (EPS, SVG) formats. Select the best option for printing QR codes in any size, color and on any medium, with no compromises on quality. You can even generate a custom QR code design by effortlessly merging a QR code with any part of an image to create a beautiful and clear call-to-action.

Resize QR code images without blurring with vector export.

  • All popular vector formats
    • Download QR codes as an EP or SVG file 
  • Get vector image for advanced editing
    • Vector formats allow you to edit the image in editors such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Suitable for print material
    • Export your QR code in EPS or SVG formats for your printjobs to avoid image blurring
QR Code Designer

Create beautiful & personalized QR codes to attract more scans from your target audience.

Instagram Code Desktop

Instagram Code Mobile

Delivr's QR Code Designer enables you to effortlessly merge a QR code with any part of an image to create a beautiful and clear call-to-action.

A visual QR  code by Delivr® combines the visual design that people LOVE with the QR Code call-to-action that people KNOW, creating an experience that draws peoples attention and invites them to make the leap from print to mobile.
Delivr Motion Code Desktop Delivr Motion Code Mobile
You can upload an image, turn any part of it into a QR code and then download the newly created visual QR code graphic, all without comprising its original transparency, dimensions, format and resolution. Delivr’s technology supports the uploading of PNG, GIF and JPG images in RGB color mode. PNG 24 format is recommended for uploading source images with transparency. Please note that the area where you place your QR Code cannot be transparent. If you require a visual QR Code graphic for placement on a CMYK or high-resolution image, upload a RGB image for position only.

Visual QR graphics are provided in the following formats.

  • 300 DPI Transparent PNG-24
  • Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG + Transparent) for placement on high-resolution artwork intended for print
  • PNG format with QR Code placed ON your original image for digital reproduction or FPO purposes

Personalize your QR code.

  • Edit Color and Pattern
    • Choose from a number of data patterns and colors
  • Add Brand Logo
    • Brand your QR code by adding your logo in the center
  • Merge QR Code with Background Image
    • Merge a semi-transparent QR code on top of your custom image

Boost campaign engagement with visual QR codes.

  • Attract more scans
    • Visual QR codes attract 50-200% more scans than black & white QR codes
  • Differentiate QR codes from barcodes
    • Black & White QR code can be mistaken as an advanced version of a UPC barcode
  • Let users know what to expect
    • By adding a logo or icon, you let your audience know where  the QR Code will lead them to
  • Blend QR codes with your print designs
    • QR codes no longer have to look out of place on your print designs

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are 2D barcodes that are readable by smartphones using the devices native camera or a QR code reader app. QR codes placed in ads, direct mail, retail displays or signage can launch URLs, mobile-friendly landing pages, profiles, initiate phone calls, intitiate app downloads and more.


Visual QR™ by Delivr

Create beautiful and personalized QR codes to attract more scans from your target audience. Learn more about Visual QR.

Motion QR™ by Delivr

Combines the attention-catching effect of animation with the engagement of a QR Code. Learn more about MotionQR.

Broadcast QR™ by Delivr

Enables shoppable ad units that let marketers send viewers to product pages on their mobile devices via a QR code. Learn more about Broadcast QR.

Branded Short Domains

Put your brand to work in your campaigns and drive CTR with Branded Short Domains. Branded Short Domains replace the generic “” in your links with your brand name. Branded Short Domains are available with Delivr PRO & ENTERPRISE Subscriptions.

Delivr® is a privacy-first software and services company serving thousands of businesses looking to drive audiences from offline to online experiences. Established in 2008, Delivr has developed software to track and visualize consumer engagement with print and broadcast media, labels and packaging. With Super Simple Serialization℠ and TrueMrk®, Delivr is extending its MarTech product suite to serialize and authenticate products. Headquartered in New York.