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What Are the Uses of QR Codes?

Irrespective of the industry, bridging offline and online can be a challenge. QR codes serve perfectly for most industries.

Food and beverage

Make your shop pop by integrating offline and online experiences with QR codes. Make your product packages, menus and takeaway bags interactive and personal with QR codes.

Shopping and e-commerce

Every interaction matters. Whether it’s offline shopping connecting to an AR experience, or bringing users back from a delivered package - QR codes help in both, and more.

Logistics and shipping

Ship better customer experiences! Use a QR code to make it easy to get in touch via email or message,  or provide instant information about the package.


Better care starts with breaking silos between offline and online. QR codes help deliver a patient’s progress to the doctor & assists patients with medicine dosage and expiration date.

Travel and tourism

Guide to the path less-travelled. Leverage QR codes at strategic locations to navigate users to attractions, deliver local maps and itineraries, and inform them about local history.

Real estate

Always be available for potential buyers even in non-working hours - with a QR code. Use these QR codes to deliver contact details in the form of a digital vCard, around the clock.

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