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Delivr's Response to COVID-19

Organizations around the world depend on Delivr to reach their audiences. This is how Delivr is dealing with the Coronavirus emergency.

Given the current outbreak of COVID-19 and the impact the virus is having on our global communities, customers, employees and families, we would like to share our business bontinuity plans with you.

Last updated: 25 March 2020.

Availability of Our Teams 

The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. We have implemented a number of sensible policies to this end, including having our entire team work from home. This, however, hasn't slowed our operations. Our operations and customer support teams remain fully operational and can do their jobs entirely remote as needed.

Extended work-from-home policies. All of our employees are equipped to connect with their colleagues and our customers in a secure and productive environment, while working remotely. 

Travel restrictions. Effective immediately, we are suspending all business travel. 

Remote events. Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our employees, customers and partners, we are, like many organizations, are rescheduling or cancelling our events and in-person meetings.

Availability of Our Platform

As the industry-leader in QR Code Generation & Management, we are privileged to work with thousands of customers globally, providing a secure and trusted platform to intelligently route, track and enable consumer engagement with print and broadcast media, labels and packaging. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we expect to continue to deliver the same level of service to our customers and have worked tirelessly to maintain safe, secure, and uninterrupted service throughout this global crisis. We have the following measures in place to guarantee your success.

We are tracking usage patterns globally. As more people stay at home or otherwise change their behaviour, we expect traffic and engagement patterns to also shift. These shifts do not raise any concern for us. Delivr's Azure-based cloud platform is well provisioned to handle significant spikes in traffic. Failures at the software and hardware level have automation for recovery, and our engineers are prepared to respond to any issues if necessary. We have not seen, and do not anticipate, any impact to our platform's performance, reliability, or security globally.

The status of our infrastructure is monitored in realtime and is available in real-time from our Public Status Page

Protecting Your Links

We are monitoring for any changes in cyberthreats. Delivr remains fully operational and is continuously monitoring for any new security threats that may emerge.

Helping Our Customers & Others

We recognize that this emergency has put strain on the infrastructure of companies around the world as more employees work from home. As such, for the foreseeable future, we have relaxed caps on seat access during this emergency so that you can scale the number of seats you need to manage your account without additional cost. Delivr employees have volunteered to run no-cost onboarding sessions so you can get set up quickly and ensure your business' continuity. Please contact support.

As a marketing and advertising technology company, we also would like to help and support any business that is severely affected by this situation. If you are aware of the opportunities for us to help others with our technology, please contact us.

Our Thanks & Best Wishes

Thank you for being a Delivr customer. These are challenging times but I want you to know that we stand ready to help however we can. We understand the critical role we play in the functioning of your marketing and communication programs and we are continually humbled by the trust you place in us. We are moving into unprecedented times. Together, we can get through this.

Stay well. Stay safe.

David Harper
Founder & CEO

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Delivr is a MarTech platform used by thousands of businesses to drive audiences from print to digital experiences. Established in 2008, Delivr has developed software to track and visualize consumer engagement with print and broadcast media, labels and packaging. With TrueMrk, Delivr is extending its marketing, consumer engagement and analytics platform to authenticate products and identify incidents of counterfeiting and gray market diversion.