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Make it easier to connect with Deep Links and QR Codes.

URL schemes are specially formatted URLs to deep link to content or actions within an app.

Rather than entering a website link (https://), enter the following URL schemes to launch communication and collabloration tools and social intents.

Once a short URL or QR code is generated for these URL schemes, they can be dynamically edited and tracked like any other campaign you create at Delivr. For example, once you print a QR code or share the short URL, you change the number anytime, as often as you wish.


Start a Call Demo QR code


Start a Call Demo

Scan the QR code with your smartphone to activate a call with Delivr support. You will be prompted to start the call or cancel.

Start a Call Demo QR code


Start a Call Demo

Scan or tap the QR code to activate a call with Delivr support. You will be prompted to start the call or cancel.


Collaboration & Communication

Mobile number (mobilenumber) is a full phone number in international format. Omit any brackets, dashes, plus signs, and leading zeros when adding the phone number in international format.


Start a Call

  • tel://mobilenumber
  • telprompt://mobilenumber

Start a Message

  • sms://mobilenumber
  • sms://mobilenumber&body=yourmessage (iOS)
  • sms://mobilenumber?&body=yourmessage (Android)

Start an Email   No longer supported in iOS.  

  • mailto://emailaddress

Start a Skype Call or Chat

  • skype://skypeName
  • skype://skypeName?chat

Start a FaceTime

  • facetime://mobilenumber
  • facetime-audio://mobilenumber
  • facetime-prompt://mobilenumber

Call on WhatsApp


Open a Slack Channel

  • slack://channel?team={TEAM_ID}&id={CHANNEL_ID}

Social Intent


Send a Whatsapp Message

  • whatsapp://send?text=message


  • fb-messenger://share?link=external-link&app_id=appid
  • fb://profile/fb-id
  • fb://page/page-idInstagram

Launch an Instagram Account

  • instagram://user?username=user_name

Launch a Twitter Post

  • twitter://post?message=message

Link to a LinkedIn Profile

  • linkedin://#profile/PROFILE_ID

Add a Snapchat User

  • snapchat://add/snapchatUsername

Know of other URL schemes that we can add to this list? Please let us know.


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