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Partnership Brings Apps, Coupons to Multi-Screen Responsive Ads

21 May 2013

ResponsiveAds™, Delivr® collaborate on real-time Responsive Web Design-based coupons, offers.

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May 21, 2013

ResponsiveAds, Inc., the publishing and advertising industries’ first Responsive Web Design Advertising technology-focused company, is pleased to today announce the ability to add HTML5 apps into rich-media multi-screen Responsive Ads with a feature called Responsive App Canvas™. The New York, N.Y.-based company is partnering with Delivr, a leading place- and location-aware campaign management and tracking platform that helps brands and retailers unlock the value of the smartphone as the bridge between offline and online. ResponsiveAds and Delivr have integrated their services to showcase the opportunity of inserting Apple Passbook and Android-friendly coupons and offers in Responsive Web Ads that can be updated in real time. Having a single ad with cross-screen attribution strategies that incorporate coupons for mobile can now be enabled in minutes using the ResponsiveAds authoring platform.

ResponsiveAds’ latest private beta statistics have shown that STRETCH™ display banner ads provide an overall four-time increase in user interaction when compared to existing separate channel delivery. They also reveal that mobile can be three times more impactful than desktop. ResponsiveAds expects huge potential with App Canvas™ for advertisers wanting a highly relevant and effective “local connection” via mobile.

Responsive App Canvas™, also now in private beta, allows marketers to freely add HTML5 iFrames such as but not limited to click-to-buy buttons, editorial content, e-commerce, forms, games, high-impact branded content, maps, social widgets, sponsorships and video that can be turned on and off based on mobile, tablet or desktop screen views. They can change dynamically based on the input context of the user. ResponsiveAds is looking forward to the creative possibilities regarding integration of different types of HTML5 apps embedded in STRETCH™ ads with the developer and design community.

Delivr is launching a new service built on top of its core reporting engine, Delivr Offers®. Delivr Offers provides centralized coupon creation, management and reporting for brands and retailers. Delivr Offers currently supports delivery of coupons to Apple Passbook as well as other versions optimized for Android and other smartphones. Support for Facebook Offers, Samsung Offers, Google Offers, Twitter Cards and several other offer distribution platforms is in the works. Delivr’s approach to distributing coupons utilizes a tricked-out, mobile-friendly URL that ensures the right version of your coupon is delivered every time, on time.

ResponsiveAds and Delivr are currently working with select partners on this new feature, which will be launched publicly this summer. Companies interested in partnering with ResponsiveAds and Delivr should contact

The use of coupons as part of brands’ direct marketing strategies continues to thrive. In fact, we are seeing a trend that consumers are increasingly turning to coupons on mobile devices with direct conversion at the point-of-sale.

A report issued by Juniper Research – “Mobile Coupons: Strategies, Opportunities & Forecasts 2012-2017” – found that the number of consumers globally who receive coupons through mobile devices is predicted to rise by 30 percent to over 500 million people this year owing in part to the integration of couponing platforms with social networks. Likewise in the U.S. market, eMarketer predicts that from 2010 to 2014, the number of people who use mobile coupons will have grown from 12.3 to 53.2 million. This means one in four mobile phone owners will redeem a coupon using their devices by next year.

Even tech behemoths Apple and Google realize there is a huge opportunity in mobile couponing. Google released a recent report – “Mobile In-Store Research: How In-Store Shoppers are Using Mobile Devices” – that says shoppers who use mobile devices in-store spend 25 to 50 percent more than ones who do not.

Just as the mobile app market has exploded, ResponsiveAds believes that incorporating real-time apps in ads that work across screens is a huge disruptive opportunity for marketers. They enable creative opportunities by engaging users from screen-to-screen to closing the path-to-purchase loop. Brand advertising on the desktop to direct marketing on mobile can be achieved through authoring of one Responsive Ad to enable interactive storytelling with a native advertising experience.

David Harper, Delivr’s founder and CEO, said, “We are delighted to be working with ResponsiveAds. ResponsiveAds provides the best experience for distributing these coupons across all size screens. This is exactly what brands are looking for.”

Matthew Snyder, co-founder and CEO of ResponsiveAds, added, “Coupons and offers are such a powerful application when we consider fulfillment of the cross-screen attribution model – from desktop to mobile screen-shifting. Delivr brings us a unique opportunity to enable these capabilities to ResponsiveAds’ STRETCH™ ads, thus offering tremendous value to unlock further ROI for retailers and local brands that use our platform.”

An example of the integrated HTML5 app coupon in a Responsive Advertisement is showcased at

ResponsiveAds is offering this feature as part of its basic service with pricing subject to the pricing terms and conditions of Delivr Offers.

ResponsiveAds and Delivr will be showcasing and exhibiting this new cross-platform/cross-screen technology at the GARAGE at APPNATION NYC Cross Platform Summit May 21-22 in New York City.

If you are interested in partnering with ResponsiveAds and Delivr, please contact us at

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