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Give your physical and digital things a unique identity.
Provided as a webhook, Super Simple Serialization, serves as an essential building block for building a myriad of real-time services where unique identity plays a central role. Ridiculously easy to use, Super Simple Serialization is plug & play, requiring no infrastructure or software to maintain.

We can think of many remarkable uses for serialization, here are three.

Physical products.

Streamline product registration while collecting real-time intelligence. Using Super Simple Serialization, people do not have to find or type in a serial number. Scanning a QR code or clicking a link automatically fills in the serial number.

Digital communications.

Increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts by making your digital (or print) communications even more personal. Super Simple Serialization bridges the divide between mass marketing and personalized engagement.

Smart objects.

Ensure lost items are returned to their rightful owner in a timely and efficient manner. Building a lost and found service? Instead of generating and managing 100s of thousands of short links or QR codes, use Super Simple Serialization to power a single link that passes along the objects identity to your service.

Other uses for serialization.

  • Improve inventory visibility by serializing your inventory, giving each piece of merchandise a unique digital identity
  • Assign individual serial numbers to printed items to facilate personalized URLs
  • DIY product serialization, view reports to see how your products are selling geographically or showing up in places they aren't distributed
  • Print serialized QR code on a car rental receipt, making it easier for customers to reach their personalized rental landing page
  • Manage single use coupons and promotions
The power of serialization has never been this straightforward.

Mastery in 5 Steps.

Shorten your destination link at Delivr. You'll need a Delivr VIP account.

The destination link / webpage you are registering with us will need to accept data and activate a workflow to turn the data we send you into something useful.

Copy the short URL that is generated e.g.; HTTPS://DELIVR.COM/ABC123

Using Variable Data Printing or programatic generation append a series of unique IDs to your short URL e.g.; HTTPS://DELIVR.COM/ABC123/UNIQUEID.

This provisions a series of unique URLs or QR codes for digital or print distribution. No need for API integration or other interaction with Delivr.

With each engagement - click or scan, the visit is captured by Delivr for reporting, then redirected to your regsitered link with the unique ID appended.

Your link / webpage captures the unique ID for further identification, processing and action.

Talk to us about your use.

We're here to discuss your plans and help you get started.

Need safer, smarter packaging?

Our TrueMrk® Brand Protection Service builds upon Super Simple Serialization℠ to make it simple to combine brand protection and consumer engagement into a single, intuitive experience. TrueMrk provides product serialization, authenticity, provenance and consumer engagement while identifying incidents of counterfeiting and gray market diversion.

Learn more about TrueMrk Brand Protection Services.


About Delivr

Delivr is a marketing technology platform used by thousands of businesses to drive audiences from print to digital experiences. Established in 2008, Delivr has developed software to track and visualize consumer engagement with printed media, labels and packaging. Delivr is now extending its marketing, consumer engagement and analytics platform to authenticate products and identify incidents of counterfeiting and gray market diversion.

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Delivr® is a privacy-first software and services company serving thousands of businesses looking to drive audiences from offline to online experiences. Established in 2008, Delivr has developed software to track and visualize consumer engagement with print and broadcast media, labels and packaging. With Super Simple Serialization℠ and TrueMrk®, Delivr is extending its martech product suite to serialize and authenticate products. Headquartered in the USA.