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Always Open, where storefront windows are the shop.

Always Open is a service that helps businesses sell their products and services to consumers with signage that bridges the divide between storefront windows and online shopping.

First smartphones changed the way people shop, now it's the coronavirus.

Big box retailers became showrooms for online retailers. Pop-up stores opened up anywhere the customers were. Amazon started “eating the retail world”, pushing brick-and-mortar retailers into decline. Digital and in-store experiences blurred, and consumers no longer saw a distinction between online and offline shopping.

Suddenly, we’re living in a different world.

Now with the coronavirus, digital is weaving itself deeper into the fabric of our lives. Shoppers driven by health concerns and social distancing are flocking in even greater numbers to mobile online ordering, home delivery, curbside and parking lot pick-up. The post-coronavirus world will be a forever changed one where safer, smarter shopping will be a requirement for brands and retailers.

Top 5 ways retail has changed.

Shoppers know as much as salespeople.

People used to come into stores with little to no knowledge and relied on a salesperson to advise them on what to buy. Today’s shoppers are doing their own online research in order to find and learn more about the products they are considering and to feel secure about the purchases they’re making. Faciliate their education with smart packaging and smart POS displays with QR codes.

Relevant suggestions are increasingly coming from a real-time context-aware mobile interaction.

Retailing began with shopkeepers who would welcome in people from the neighborhood and then come to learn their customers’ needs and preferences. In our constantly connected world, a device is just a proxy for what really matters — getting to know your customers. Devices provide context, helping us learn what matters to a consumer in a particular location and at a particular time. Layering AR and VR into the online shopping experience enables independent, self-serve shopping that approaches the results of bespoke sales and product sampling.

Opinions carry more weight than ever.

Retail has always been impacted by the force of postive or negative word of mouth. Social is now more important than ever with online reviews now among the first places a person checks to feel confident about an intended purchase. Real time feedback and reviews give retailers a defining factor as online shoppers are influenced by social media recommendations. Do you facilite reviews and integate these reviews into your shopping experience?

Mobile devices drive foot traffic to stores.

Finding the right store — and the product you needed — used to depended on familiarity, or serendipity. As the lines have blurred between online and offline, retailers are increasingly integrating mobile into their brick-and-mortar store experience. But, what if people can't get into your store or you're closed. We suggest having your display window and POS serve as a gateway to your online store.

Retail's role in public health safety has changed rapidly during the Coronavirus emergency.

While mobile devices drive people to stores, risk of disease can drive them away. Restaurants are taking the lead in “sanitizing” their establishments. To help slow down the spread of coronavirus on surfaces, restaurants are replacing their paper menus with a QR code on its entrance doors. Some establishments are even using QR codes to replace the ordering and payment system entirely. Further, QR codes reduce the need for interacting with sales associates or waiting on checkout lines.

Respond with the perfect mix of impulse, information and convenience.

QR codes have the ability to turn anything, anywhere into a storefront. This includes your storefront window, regardless if you're open or closed.

In a competitive or challenging retail environment, the first thing you need is to give your customers a way to immediately act on their interest and learn more. And if they are interested enough to buy it, they should be able to do that as well. QR codes can help you with both.

  • Place a QR code in a newspaper or magazine ad allowing people to directly buy the product that you have advertised for.
  • Place one or more QR codes in posters, billboards or storefront windows, creating a virtual store. The virtual store concept been a resounding success for companies like Tesco, a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer. It would work like this:
  1. Customers using their smartphones scan QR codes displayed in posters next to pictures of products they want to purchase. The posters in the virtual stores can be designed to resemble the actual aisles and shelves of a regular store, making the experience very user-friendly.
  2. The scanned products can be placed in the customer's online shopping cart, who pay online once their order is completed.
  3. Customers schedule a time for home delivery.
  • Drive people from your storefront window and outdoor signage to a mobile landing page or online store regardless if you're open or closed.
How does Always Open work?

Always Open is a service that helps businesses promote their products and services to consumers with signage that bridges the divide between posters, billboards, and storefront windows and online shopping. Always Open provides solutions ranging from "Do it yourself" (DIY) to a complete turnkey service.

The Always Open Program includes a mix of services.
  • Consult to discuss your business and evaluate your needs. While independent retailers, franchises, dealerships and retail chains all share common challenges, requirements and budgets impact scope. 20 minutes is all we'll need.
  • Dynamic QR code(s) redirecting to an exisiting link of yours, a mobile landing page we host, or an online store we develop with you.
  • Window, door signs and other outdoor signage. If DIY you can design and print. Otherwise, we can work with you in various capacities to design and print.
  • Stickers, labels and even packaging can be faciliated with our printing partners.
  • Dashboard with campaign management & analytics.
  • Ongoing maintenance and management is available self-service or as a managed service.
  • Custom website development & Shopify integration,
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