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A simple way to scan QR codes.


Add a branded QR code scanning experience to your website allowing visitors to scan QR codes directly in their smartphone's web browser.

  • Intergration is as simple as adding a link on your mobile website that launches a web-based QR code reader.
  • Scanning is as simple as clicking the link and placing a QR code within the sights of the QR code reader.
  • Enables scanning directly from a webpage on any smartphone.
  • No app download necessary by the end user.
  • Instantly recognizes and reads QR codes from a camera video feed directly in the web browser.
Top retail use cases.

When your customers don’t have your app or if your app runs in a browser as opposed to a native app, you can still create a deeper engagement by offering scanning directly from your website for use cases such as:

  • Product lookup
  • Product purchase
  • Product registration
  • Launch AR experiences and product demos
  • Scan loyalty cards
  • Gift registry
Customization for brands and businesses.
  • Available fully hosted and branded with your logo.
  • Embeddable on your mobile website or campaign landing page. Scanning can be limited to only your authorized QR codes.
  • Advanced consumer interactivity with offers and coupons.
  • Supports functions for brand protection, product authentication, and identifcation of incidents of counterfeiting and gray market diversion.
Supported on modern mobile web browsers.
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Safari Browser Icon   Chrome Browser Icon   Firefox Browser Icon   Edge Browser Icon

Mobile iOS

  • Safari
  • Brave
  • Chrome
  • Firefox / Firefox Focus
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Touch

Mobile Android

  • Brave
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Samsung Internet


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