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Broadcast QR enables moments that matter, sending viewers from TV screens to mobile screens where people can see and do more.

Broadcast QR℠ enables you to effortlessly layer a QR Code on video, broadcast, and streaming media to create fresh, beautiful, clear call-to-actions.

With Broadcast QR, programming can contain onscreen QR codes. Viewers simply point their mobile phone cameras at the codes and are redirected to moble experiences, where they can learn more. see more, and buy products.

Broadcast QR can be placed in any type of programming for any reason. For example, Broadcast QR codes might appear at the bottom of the screen during a talk show, allowing viewers to learn more about a topic being discussed or purchase a book or product.

Deliver any experience you can imagine.

Broadcast QR can launch any second screen experience. Including, but not limited to:

  • Adding items to a shopping cart
  • Deep linking to an extension of the broadcast content
  • Launching an augmented reality experience
4 key benefits of Broadcast QR.
  1. Fresh, attractive and visually integrated.
  2. Simplified workflow. No editing of footage or encoding code into source. Provided as a scalable, transparent vector graphic (SVG, RGB color model) w/ highest level of error correction. Code added as an on-screen graphic, overlaying a portion of the screen-area.
  3. Device agnostic, does not require a specialized app for scanning or tracking. Works on iOS devices and most Android phones.
  4. Everything you need to manage and track campaigns within a single product suite.
    • Campaign management.
    • Custom domains and URL slugs.
    • Broadcast QR code generator
    • Link shortener and dynamic link management.
    • Mobile-friendly landing pages.
    • Reports with real-time analytics.
Broadcast QR places brands, broadcasters and advertisers in direct, measurable contact with their chosen audience.
  • Tracks direct digital audience engagement.
  • Number of scans, when, where and with what device OS.
  • Views by television daypart.
  • Views by language.
  • 100% Private & Secure.
The Viewing Audience
  • Everyone watches their favorite programs with their smartphone in hand.
  • People who take the time to go to a station's or programs web page are smartphone savvy to begin with.
  • With the release of iOS 11 over 1 billion smartphones have built-in QR scanning via the native camera app. Android devices and social/chat apps also offer built-in QR scanning.
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