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What Are the QR Code Printing Guidelines & Best Practices?

What Are the QR Code Printing Guidelines & Best Practices?

For QR Codes that will be scanned up close e.g.; on Products, in Magazines:

  • 10mm x 10mm (.4 inch), excluding the margin, is the minimum size for scanning standard, ISO 18004-compliant QR Codes, increase to 12mm x 12mm excluding the margin if possible.
  • 30mm x 30mm (1 3/8 inch), is the minimum size for scanning Visual Codes*

For QR Codes that will be scanned from afar e.g; on Signage:
The ratio of the scanning distance to the size of the QR code should be close to 10:1

  • The simplest approach is use a QR Code size that is at least one tenth of the scanning distance, excluding the margin.
  • For example, a code on a Billboard that will be scanned from a distance of 10m (32 ft) should be at least 1m (3.2 ft) in size, excluding the margin.

For all QR Codes:

  • Use a minimum margin of 4 blocks. Delivr default.
  • Good contrast between the background and the QR Code color is very important when a standard Black & White code is not used. In cases of colorized codes, the QR Code should have a dark color with a light background color.
  • Some QR Code Readers can not read reversed colors e.g., light color with a dark background color, white with black background color.

* Please note, while Delivr provides high-level best practices, most label and packaging design require deeper bespoke analysis especially when deviating from a standard black and white code. That starts with a review of a PDF of the layout, requires an understanding of the type of printing method and materials, and may then move to a print trial. Always Test. Test. Test.

For Broadcast QR:

  • The minimum code size at 1080p Resolution is 240 pixels x 240 pixels at 72 dpi. Expect a scanning distance of 3-5 feet.
  • Increase size to increase average scanning distance. e.g.;1000 pixels x 1000 pixels,10 feet
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