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URL Shortener & Link Management FAQs

Top 10 reasons why you should consider Delivr as a replacement for the Google URL Shortener.
What is a URL Shortener?
Does URL shortening hurt SEO?
How link shortener can improve my campaigns?
What are the benefits shortening a URL at Delivr?
What are the benefits of URL shortening?
What is URL shortening?
How do you shorten a URL?
Can I build and shorten UTM Campaign URLs?
Is it possible to use Delivr to store "Data URI scheme"?
Can I get precise location information for each Short URL Click?
How can you know from where a visitor is opening a Short URL?
Does Delivr offer an API for shortening URLs and link management?
What are the main differences between Delivr and other platforms that offer Short URLs?
Are the stats for my short URL private?
Where can I find the "QR code" of a Short URL?
How much does it cost?
How can I manage the Short URLs that I create?
Can I use my own domain for the Short URLs that are generated in my account?
Can I reactivate an expired short URL?
Does the Short URL have an expiration date?
How is the short URL redirection made?
Is the Short URL generated by Delivr's URL Shortener case sensitive?
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