Can I create more than one QR code with the same destination URL?

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Yes. A typical case is when QR codes are published in different media and you want to track the scans from each separately, as well the scans of all in aggregate.

The following example illustrates how to do this:

  • QR code 2 also has a destination URL of http://example.com and is published in a direct mail sent to your clients.
  • QR code 3 also has a destination URL of http://example.com and is published in a poster in a physical location, such as a store.

Individual reports for each QR code would represent reports for scans from magazines, direct mail and posters.

If all three QR codes are placed in a Group, the report on the Group level would show aggregate results for all three codes.

Please also see "What are Groups and how can Groups be used?"

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