What are the commercial use guidelines for the various plans you offer?

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Delivr FREE is offered for personal, non-profit or educational use. Delivr FREE can not be resold or provided as part of a commercial offering or service. In addition, creating more then one account to avoid upgrading is not permitted. If you are creating a Delivr account as part of a commercial service offered to others e.g., using Delivr to provide campaign management, landing pages, tracking or reports to a client, please select the appropriate paid plan.

Delivr PLUS and Delivr PRIME are offered for limited commercial use by individuals, consultants. micro-entities and small companies in social, mobile, and Web-based media campaigns, limited run posters, event marketing and state/province-level direct mail, email and print advertising campaigns.

Delivr VIP is offered for commercial use by medium-sized, printing, direct mail, event and marketing companies in social, mobile, and Web-based media campaigns, posters, event marketing, indoor and outdoor signage including billboards, product placement and national-level direct mail, email and print advertising campaigns.

Delivr PRO is offered for national-level, heavy commercial and enterprise use by brands, retailers, businesses, media companies and ad agencies in social, mobile, web, direct mail, email, event marketing, posters, signage, product placement, radio, television and print advertising campaigns.

Delivr ENTERPRISE is offered for unlimited worldwide, heavy commercial and enterprise use by for brands and businesses that require a Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement, API, Additional Account Users, Premium Support and Professional Services.

Note: Delivr uses the following breakdown regarding company size. Micro-entities are companies with up to 10 employees, Small companies employ up to 50 people, Medium-sized companies have up to 250 employees, Enterprise-sized companies have 250 employees or more.

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