Tell me more about QR codes® and the QR Code Generator by Delivr.

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QR codes (quick response codes) are 2D Barcodes readable by smartphones using a QR code reader App. QR codes placed in ads, direct mail, retail displays or signage can deliver information and media to a consumer's smartphone via their mobile Web browser. QR codes can launch URLs, mobile landing pages, initiate phone calls, Tweets, App Store Downloads, Google Play Downloads and more.

Since 2009, Delivr’s Campaign Management & Tracking Platform has been successfully deployed by thousands of brands and businesses to run campaigns that connect print, social and broadcast media to mobile content, experiences and offers. Delivr extends your reach and understanding across online, offline and social channels by providing self-service tools that enable you to create and manage campaigns, then track and measure audience engagement of ads, direct mail, packaging, product tags, retail displays, and signage using Short URLs, QR codes®, NFC tags and Beacons.

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Delivr is a MarTech platform used by thousands of businesses to drive audiences from print to digital experiences. Established in 2008, Delivr has developed software to track and visualize consumer engagement with printed media, labels and packaging. With TrueMrk®, Delivr is extending its marketing, consumer engagement and analytics platform to authenticate products and identify incidents of counterfeiting and gray market diversion.