What is a QR Code Generator?

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A QR Code Generator is software that creates QR Codes. A QR code is a 2D barcode that can store alphanumeric information such as a URL that links a webpage, chunks of text, phone numbers, email addresses, contact information, calendar events, and location coordinates. Advanced QR Code Generators allow the additional ability to design, manage and track QR codes.

A QR Code Generator stores data such as a short URL or web addresses into a QR code. This can be easily done with the QR Generator by Delivr.  With Delivr you can create a QR code by simply typing in your URL and downloading the QR code graphic in print-ready Vector (EPS, SVG) formats, or Bitmap/Raster (PNG, JPG) formats.

Advanced QR Code Generators such as Delivr go one step further and make it possible to create dynamic QR codes, customize the design of your QR code, and track scanning activity.

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