What level of QR code designing is possible?

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Delivr's Visual QR Code Designer enables you to effortlessly merge a QR Code with any part of an image to create a beautiful and clear call-to-action. Visual QR by Delivr® combines the visual design that people LOVE with the QR code call-to-action that people KNOW, creating an experience that draws peoples attention and invites them to make the leap from print to mobile.

You can upload an image, turn any part of it into a QR code and then download the newly created Visual QR, all without comprising its original transparency, dimensions, format and resolution. Delivr’s technology supports the uploading of PNG, GIF and JPG images in RGB color mode. PNG 24 format is recommended for uploading source images with transparency. Please note that the area where you place your QR code cannot be transparent. If you require a Visual QR graphic for placement on a CMYK or high-resolution image, upload a RGB image for position only (FPO).

Visual QR graphics will be provided in the following formats:

  • 300 DPI Transparent PNG-24
  • Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG + Transparent) for placement on high-resolution artwork intended for print
  • PNG format with QR code placed ON your original image for digital reproduction or FPO purposes
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