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Top 10 Advantages of TrueMrk

TrueMrk provides advantages from consumer and brand perspectives.

For consumers, who want to be informed, TrueMrk offers useful and actionable information, especially about products they consume (such as supplements, medicine, drinks, or baby food) or put on one’s body (cosmetics) or those used in expensive products they own (like a motor oil in one’s car).

For brands, who want to be informed, TrueMrk delivers actionable reports and insights into potential sales channels, gray markets, or incidents of counterfeiting. Easy to interact with, TrueMrk provides a low friction on-ramp for deeper consumer understanding and engagement.

What has been your experience?

How many of the problems below have you experienced? Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of Delivr.



Reports are hard to understand and often lack actionable information.


Delivr’s analytic reports are real-time, visual and easily understood, offering a summary view with drill-down ability to the lowest level of detail.

Our reports have been praised by the best in the industry. The reports are designed to offer a summary, and drill-down features offer actionable easily-understandable real-time insights, accessible at any time through your account dashboard on

Identify patterns in purchase activity.

TrueMrk tracks consumer scans of your products, letting you see SKU interest in real-time. Geo-location of scans let you discover customer  and market hotspots.

Activity on a per unit or aggregate basis can be used to identify incidents of counterfeiting and grey market diversion. Brands access this real-time business intelligence to recognize patterns, maximize supply chain activity insights and take actions to protect their brand.




Competing solutions are often hard to deploy.


Delivr’s solution is easy to implement.

It is typically not easy to integrate a solution into one’s own systems. Many competing solutions require a number of pieces to be in place before anyone can do anything. Integration often requires effort from marketing, development and IT, and frequently results in broken implementation. It is hard to execute.

Ease of execution is important. Delivr’s solution is easy to implement. Marketing campaigns or TrueMrk labels and related QR codes and associated information can be managed through Delivr’s platform and friendly user interface, allowing users, even those with no technical background or knowledge, to manage campaigns and QR codes, and easily view and understand Delivr’s analytic reports.

Similarly to TrueMrk, many anti-counterfeiting and logistics solutions offer serialization embedded in printed codes or labels. How does one make sure that the right label is placed on the right product? Most of the solution providers out there generate serialized IDs, provide the list of IDs to the brand or the printer, and stop there; the brand or the printer need to figure out everything else. Delivr makes that process easier.

Create millions of serialized codes, each unit receiving its own unique identity.

Unique codes help identify counterfeiting and gray market distribution, with minimal changes to your supply chain. Attach and change supply chain information for each individual code or batch. Prove to your customers and to regulators, that your product is safe and authentic.




Many QR codes on products fail when scanned.


Unlike many of the competing services, Delivr allows changing the target (destination) at any time.

There are a vast number of products offered for sale with a QR code printed on the packaging that, when scanned, leads to a broken page, or a '404’ – not found – response from the website. This may happen for a variety of reasons, for example when the structure of a website with the target page changes, or a new website replaces the old one.

Unlike many competing market tech services, Delivr’s platform allows users to easily and at any time change the end destination of the QR code, making fixing a broken link easy. Delivr offers powerful self-service features, with no need to understand underlying technologies. It makes things easier for the brand as, for example, a marketing department can set up and manage the service with no need to involve developers or IT experts.




Many QR codes lead to badly designed, insecure, and unreliable or slow-loading pages.


Delivr provides secure, reliable, SSL-certified, fast loading, well-designed landing pages optimized for mobile users.

The unfinished, unpolished, and sometimes outright ugly and suspicious looking landing pages are shown to consumers, often delivered over an insecure connection with no website certificate and thus no ability to verify who actually owns the site and the information shown to the consumer. Such websites are seldom optimized for mobile users, and are often just a desktop version of a company website.

First impressions matter.

The user experience must support consumers’ trust in the brand. At Delivr, we pride ourselves on our user experience design. Our pages and experiences are beautifully designed, yet lightweight, optimized for mobile users. Delivr supercharges your marketing and branding efforts with fast redirects and fast-loading landing pages that delight visitors, persuade prospects, and win customers.



Security first, not an afterthought.

Security in today’s threat landscape is critical. With engineering, application security, security assessments, policies governing the use and distribution of our source code, IT/server technology, and related protection services, we check off boxes across the full security continuum. Delivr is monitored 24/7 by human and automated systems.

Pages hosted on the Delivr platform are delivered over a secure connection with a high-grade secure certificate that clearly states to a consumer that we, or the brand, are who we say we are.

Unmatched record of reliability.

While other QR code generators have come and gone, Delivr has accumulated a 12-year, 99.9% uptime record. Dependibility matters when downtime is not an option, and Delivr provides peace of mind. Our platform is designed for performance, scalability and security. We use services from Microsoft Azure, Cloudflare, Stackpath, AWS and Stripe.



The reported scanning location is often incorrect.


Delivr provides more accurate scanning location information.

Getting correct location information when a code gets scanned is sometimes tricky. Delivr’s experience with mobile analytics over time allowed us to gain knowledge and information to ascertain location more accuratey.


Privacy is of the utmost importance.

To provide location-based services, Delivr collects and uses anonymized location data that does not personally identify. Data is anonymized prior to database storage. Delivr does not fingerprint devices, build profiles of visitors, or accumulate patterns of an individuals activity and geospatial information. Delivr is GDPR and CCPA compliant.




Many product validation services only check if a serial code is found or not.


TrueMrk algorithm takes many variables into account to determine the probability of an individual product being suspect and thus provides more valuable information to both consumers and brands.

We believe it is not possible to authenticate a product package with 100% certainty employing technologies that are easily accessible to consumers. (Sure, one can use DNA ink to identify an individual product, but such ink is expensive and requires a lab to be identified.) Delivr’s approach is to offer a simple score, calculated by our TrueMrk algorithm, which indicates a likelihood that the scanned product is genuine, a suspect, or outright invalid.

TrueMrk algorithm is constantly evolving. We take into account the location of the scan, but also the desired sale location for each batch of items, number of scans, and other information, to determine the likelihood of a product being genuine – that is also reported to the end user if the brand desires to do so– or a likelihood of a product diversion or gray market, reported to the brand.



Competing solutions are often expensive.


Delivr’s pricing is amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Delivr operates with low operating expenses, allowing us to offer competitive pricing to our customers. Usage of our marketing technology platform grows organically, yet attracts large brands and businesses. Thousands of businesses worldwide use Delivr to drive audiences from print to digital experiences.




Lackluster support.


Delivr team is committed to amazing support.

We want you to have a great experience working with us and our software. We learn your wants and needs, provide guidance, help you get the most out of your subscription, and respond quickly when an issue needs to be resolved. We consistently get praise and high support ratings from our clients.




Non-compliance to standards and lack of new QR code features.


Where you generate your QR Codes is as important as your reason for generating them.

Delivr is one of a handful of companies worldwide licensed under contract by DENSO, a world leader in automatic data capture technology and the inventor of the QR Code®. DENSO’s QR Code technology is the undisputed standard in driving analog to mobile engagement. As a DENSO partner, we uphold rarefied standards when generating ISO compliant QR codes with our QR Code Generator. Through this relationship, and our own proprietary technology and processes, Delivr offers a compelling new generation of QR codes that transform the use of the conventional QR code and takes QR codes to a higher level of security and customer experience. No other self-service QR Code Generator can make these same claims; it is our unique distinction.



Consumer engagement is handled poorly.


TrueMrk promotes consumer engagement.

With sales of counterfeit goods on the rise, safety is an important concern to consumers. Consumers want transparency about the goods they purchase and information about when and where the product was grown, made or extracted. Brands who build consumer trust win.


  • Promotes brand confidence
  • Activates and engages consumers
  • Provides product information and videos
  • Delivers marketing programs
  • Displays an offer or promotion
  • Facilitates product reorder
  • Encourages warranty registrations
  • Offers a "Call Now" feature

A consumer, the end user of a product, can be engaged through a call for action embedded into a printed media, packaging, product documentation, or the product itself.

While a variety of action triggers can be used, including NFC tags and proprietary code formats, QR codes are most effective for a number of reasons, including:

  • Inexpensive. QR codes are inexpensive in comparison with other NFC tags.
  • Widely supported. QR codes are readily supported on many printing presses, both regarding variable, automatic creation by the press software, as well as in terms of scanning/reading to support automatic verification on the press or, later, on a packaging line.
  • Frictionless user engagement. Anyone with a smartphone can scan a QR code using the phone’s camera. Both Apple’s phone iOS and Google’s Android OS offer QR Code scanning functionality natively – no app needed.
  • Easily recognizable. QR codes are widespread and easily recognized. In many markets, there is no need anymore to explain to a user what to do when they see one. QR codes are so easily recognized that several companies using proprietary 2D barcodes incorporate QR code’s recognizable three square anchor points to their proprietary code design as a ‘scan me’ prompt for users.

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