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Logo Usage Notice

The following set of guidelines has been established by Delivr to assist partners in the proper use of the Delivr logo. It has been developed to ensure that the company logo reflects the quality of Delivr products and services. 

Delivr reserves the right to change the logo and/or these guidelines at any time at its discretion. 

For Questions Regarding the Logo

Maintaining the integrity of the Delivr logo depends upon consistent and correct usage. The following guidelines are examples of how the Delivr logo should and should not be used. If you have any questions concerning the use of these logos, please contact us at 631.750.2785.

Color Standards

The preferred application of the Delivr logo is in their original colors on a white background. The Delivr logo is:

There will be situations when the logo needs to be printed in 4-color process, grayscale, or reversed out of a darker background. To maintain consistency and build brand awareness, no other color combinations are to be utilized. The logos may be printed on a colored background if there is sufficient contrast. 

A monochromatic version of the Delivr logo is acceptable for use in single color printing applications such as newspaper advertising. Black is the preferred option.

Clear Space and Minimum Size

Clear space must be maintained on all sides of the Delivr logo in order to maintain the integrity of each logo and ensure its maximum impact in environments where it appears among other elements. The minimum clear space necessary is relative to the size of the logo. 

Moreover, as logo size is significantly reduced, there is a point at which the logo becomes ineffective. By establishing a minimum size for the logos we ensure the logos are always prominent and readable. The Delivr logo should never be reproduced smaller than 1 inch across. 

Photographic Background Options

When a Delivr logo needs to appear over a photograph, it must be positioned in such a way that there is even color behind the logo as well as proper clear space. The logos may appear in full color if the background is light enough to provide appropriate contrast; however, the logo must reverse out of dark photographs. 

Logo Elements

The Delivr logo should never be taken apart and recombined in any way to create new artwork. No part of a logo may be changed or re-sized in any way relative to the rest of the logo. The logo must only appear in a horizontal position. 

Assigning Ownership of Delivr Logos

The following should be included in all printed materials using the Delivr logo: 

Delivr® is a registered trademark of Delivr Corp.

Examples of Improper vs. Proper Logo Usage

Maintaining the integrity of the Delivr logo depends upon consistent and correct usage. The following guidelines are examples of how the logos should not and should be used. 

Within the body of text

Do not use the Delivr logo in the body of text. 

Improper: The  IPStorLogoSmaller_120x29 platform

Proper: The Delivr® platform

Enclosure in shapes

Do not enclose the logos in a shape so that the shape appears to be a part of the logo.

Colored logos on tinted background

When placing the colored Delivr on a tinted background, do not place it on a color that is too close in value or too busy that it may affect the readability of the logos.

Guidelines for Using the Powered by Delivr® or Enabled by Delivr® Logos

The Powered by Delivr® or Enabled by Delivr® logos was specifically developed for Delivr partners who deliver solutions utilizing, based on, or integrated with Delivr technology. 

When placing the Powered by IPStor logo on packaging, brochures or demand-generation materials, the logo must appear in a prominent location, but it cannot be larger or more prominent than your own company's product or service name, logo, or trade or company name.

  • The Powered by Delivr® or Enabled by Delivr® logos may not be included in your trade or business name, domain name, product or service name, logo, design, slogan, or other trademarks.
  • You may not combine Powered by Delivr® or Enabled by Delivr® logos with any other object, including, but not limited to, other logos, icons, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, design features, symbols, or Web site audio files.
  • The Powered by Delivr® or Enabled by Delivr® logos may not be used as a design feature on any of your materials.
  • ThePowered by Delivr® or Enabled by Delivr® logos shall include the registered trademark symbol (®) as shown in these guidelines


Compliance with Guidelines

Delivr reserves the right to spot-check all materials bearing the Powered by Delivr® or the Enabled by Delivr® logo and may periodically send out requests for samples. You must correct any deficiencies in your use of these logos. Refusal to correct such deficiencies or to cease publication or distribution could result in revocation of your right to use the logo. 

Obtaining Electronic Versions of Logos

Electronic versions of the Delivr® logo, Powered by Delivr®, and Enabled by Delivr® logos are available. Please contact us at  631-750-2785 and specify the format you need and the application for the logo (printed materials, website, etc.)


This Logo Usage Notice was last updated on 16 December 2018.

Delivr® is a privacy-first software and services company serving thousands of businesses looking to drive audiences from offline to online experiences. Established in 2008, Delivr has developed software to track and visualize consumer engagement with print and broadcast media, labels and packaging. With Super Simple Serialization℠ and TrueMrk®, Delivr is extending its MarTech product suite to serialize and authenticate products. Headquartered in New York.