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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Consumer Packaged Goods?

Implementing QR codes in retail or manufacturing is beneficial, especially when it comes to conveying more information to shoppers and consumers. Delivr lets you modify your product packaging dynamically at any time.

Offer more than the product itself.

Encourage consumers to use your product in different ways by providing suggestions and recipe recommendations. Use a QR code on your packaging so your customers can scan it to get access to a list of recipes, nutrition facts, and other helpful references for using your product. And, if you want to change up information from time to time on your packaging, you can edit your QR code destination at any time, as often as you wish without having to reprint the QR code or change your packaging or label.

Get more social media followers.

Encourage customers to connect with your brand online by placing QR code on your label or packaging.. With a single scan, you can ensure that consumers can get to your correct profiles on different social media platforms without having to type and search.

By providing a list of your social media pages, you let consumers choose their favorite way to connect with your brand.

Boost your sales.

If you’re running limited offers and deals on your products, advertise them by using a QR code on retail and point of sale (POS) displays. You can include details such as expiration date, terms & conditions, and more.

This QR code use allows consumers to save offers or coupon to their smartphones until they’re ready to redeem, increasing the likelihood of them sharing it with  friends and family.

Display more product information with smart packaging.

To provide more product information on a specific item, include a QR code in your catalogs, labels and packaging.

Need a QR code for your labels and packaging?

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