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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Automotive Dealerships?

Top 10 uses of QR codes by automotive dealerships.

QR codes can make a real difference for attracting, informing and serving customers.

  1. Create a QR code for every vehicle in your inventory and place on the car window. Your customers can then scan the QR code, get all the information they need. If they’re not ready to talk to sales right away – they can review the car information again afterward.
  2. Place a QR code in your dealership window so that when you're closed, shoppers can see a live view of your inventory and promotions.
  3. Incorporate QR codes in newspaper ads, monthly newsletters, blogs, email signatures, and TV commercials etc.
  4. Place QR codes on the back of business cards for the sales staff.
  5. Add QR code to the last picture of a vehicle details page.
  6. Place a QR code for your website on a billboard.
  7. Incorporate a QR code on signage in your service department so that people can scan while waiting.
  8. Place a QR code on loaner vehicles.
  9. Place a QR code on on your company trucks or cars. Consider linking your QR code to a video that introduces your company and social media accounts. This is an easy way to tell people who you are, and why customers should choose your services. I
  10. Use a QR code so people can more easily download your app.

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