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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Storefronts?

Placing a QR code on storefront windows is a perfect way to link shoppers to online ordering and delivery information while you are closed. 3 tips for using QR codes on store windows.

1. Divert to a website or product.

One use of QR codes on store windows is to offer a simple wa for shoppers to get to what they need when you're closed. So, instead of having to type in the website on their phone and locate the product through the search bar, the QR codes on shop windows can take scanners straight to order a product.

2. Scan for a promotion.

It might seem like counterproductive to offer a discount code at the store itself, but you have to keep in mind that a customer walking by in front of your store doesn't help you much. The key is to get them through the door and a coupon code for an in-store product in the form of a QR codes placed on your store window is a great way to motivate shoppers to shop. At the very least, you will educate locals about what kinds of offers and products are available at your store, which can also pay dividends later on.

3. Sell your brand.

QR codes on store windows can also be used to link to video content. This means you can give someone a thirty-second overview of your store and build interest. This strategy has been used to great effect by tlarge brands, but there is no reason why it can't work just as well for a bricks and mortar business.

Need a QR code for your shop window?

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