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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Banners?

Printed banners are eye-catching and cost-effective marketing tools that are highly visible in busy public spaces. They are easy to design and customize to suit the marketing needs of your business or organization.

How to use QR codes on banners.

Weatherproof hanging banners and stand up banners are ideal for prime roadside locations while bold vertical banners stand out at conferences, shows, and fairs. And, when you put a QR (or Quick Response) Code on a banner you immediately increase consumer interest and interaction.

Why put QR codes on banners?

Using well-designed QR codes on your banners brings together traditional, more visible advertising with online marketing, letting customers interact with your business and product. Use QR codes on banners to grow social media followers, link customers to your menus, inform people of upcoming events, let shoppers know about new products or give them a coupon to generate customer loyalty.

Why are banners good marketing tools?

Outdoor hanging banners and vertical banners are constantly visible, providing a permanent audience interaction rather than the fleeting impact of a TV or radio ad. This active engagement between audience and business is hugely increased when targeted QR codes are added to banners.

The advantages of banners with QR codes include their:

  • inexpensive cost in comparison to other forms of advertising
  • continued use - hanging banners can be left in place while stand up banners can be used multiple times
  • versatility - they can be produced in any size and color, designed as retractable banners or even mounted on rotating stands
  • targeted marketing - for example, banners in shopping centers generate sales by catching consumers in a spending mood.

What makes a banner stand out?

Whether you are using simple stand up banners or a series of hanging banners and retractable banners as a backdrop for a trade-show stand, they need to make your business stand out from the competition.

Displaying a personalized message or company slogan is vital while the banner's color scheme should be in clear contrast to its surroundings. For banners that are visible from yards away, pick a bold and clearly readable font. This is particularly important at trade shows and fairs when you need to stand out from the crowd. On stand up banners, communicate your message with as little text as possible and let your QR code provide further information to potential customers.

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