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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Flyers?

Flyer marketing is a traditional method that many businesses still continue to practice. In the digital world, does it still make sense? Absolutely, if you use QR codes on your flyers effectively.

Are flyers still effective in marketing?

Flyers remain valuable; people love tangible things they can hold with their own hands. People can easily save a flyer in case they don’t necessarily need it right there and then, but think that they might make use of it later. Flyers are a good reminder for them to pin to the fridge or on a board in their office with your information front and center. And yet, you often see flyers ending up in the bin after people have skimmed through it. Why? Well, there are a number of factors such as the design of the flyer and usefulness of the information included. A smart marketer considers these factors to create an engaging flyer.

How do I use QR codes on flyers?

QR codes on flyers are the perfect medium to bridge the gap between the real world and online. Using a mix of traditional and online marketing only increases the chances of visibility and impact of your business. It is essential that you give customers a way to connect with your brand even after the flyer has had your customer’s attention. You can easily do this with QR codes.

For example, a restaurant could include a  QR Code on the flyer so that customers can scan it to conveniently get to the online menu. QR codes can be used for coupons, discounts and sales promotions, provide details of an upcoming event, and for growing followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms.

What should I put on my flyer?

Every flyer should start with a catchy title or headline in order to draw attention followed by a short description of what you’re advertising. Customers want to know how your business will benefit them, so be clear about what you can do. They may need your product or service but don’t know it until you tell them. To give an extra push to interested customers, consider linking a QR code on your flyer to an incentive like a coupon or discount offer.

Always add your contact information whether it’s your website, phone number or email address so customers know how to get in touch with you. You can also give more details about your business such as opening hours and services offered at your location. Provide a way to make it convenient for your customers to connect with your brand even after the flyer is long gone or your store is closed.

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