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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Software & Game Developers?

Implementing QR codes for software and gaming is beneficial, especially when it comes to engaging more with customers and creating brand awareness.

Simplify downloads with a single QR code.

Intelligent, device-aware links and QR codes offer an effortless download experience. Allows developers, game companies and app publishers to manage, track, and analyze cross-platform delivery of apps using a single, universal URL or QR code. These device-aware links drive to mobile deep links that drive app installs and re-engagement.

If your game has an app specifically for iOS or Android smartphones, the best way to make an effortless transition from desktop to mobile is with a Universal App URL or QR code on your website. It brings users directly to where you want them to be whether it’s to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.

Easily promote your events.

Promote the anticipated launch of your product with a QR code on posters so that everyone can save event details with a quick scan. You can easily customize the QR Codes to include the date, time, address, contact person, event description, and more. Guests have the option to save the event to their smartphone calendars so they can always look up details on their own and won’t miss the day of the event.

Boost traffic to your website.

Adding more text or images clutters an already limited ad space in magazines and newspapers. But by printing a dynamic QR code on your ad, readers can easily get to your website to learn more about your app or game while occupying a small space. Plus, you’ll get analytics to track the number of scans to your QR code so you can find out how well your ad placement is doing. These insights also help inform future camapaigns.

Deliver views to game trailers.

Every game developer knows the importance of a video trailer. Provide a quick way to get to it with a QR code on your displays and banners. With a simple scan, customers can view your video. The QR code can also be configured to display comes a customizable mobile landing page where you can include your video trailer, a link to your website or store where they can purchase your game or product.

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