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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Display Windows?

Extending the window shopping experience.

People love to window shop while strolling around streets, malls and markets. This everyday shopping experience can be be transformed by placing QR codes in window displays. By using these codes in the windows, the company or brand can give their  customers instant access to information about their goods, special offers, reviews, and styling advice. With a simple scan, customer can purchase goods when the store is closed as well.

Promoting special offers.

QR codes can also help to promote special offers and discounts. This can be done through the displayed frames. These codes ultimately lead your buyers to detailed product information, free samples, special offer, discounts as well as a competition ahead.

Advice and guide your customers.

To give your customers advice on how to dress up and style, how to use your product more efficiently, what are your best products, and instant fashion hacks you can place a simple QR code on your display.

Redirecting to your social media.

A QR code on the display will automatically redirect your customers to your social media platforms where they can have a detailed look on the reviews given by others. This can be done by a simple scan.

A thorough experience for the potential buyers.

When your potential and prospective buyers want to see the details of the products before buying it, it would be ideal for you to give them a chance to thoroughly experience the product before they make a final decision. Be it clothing, kitchenware or food products QR codes are a great way to capture a customer’s attention. This a subtle way of advertising the product. By scanning the customers can see videos, details, and info about the products.

Need a QR code for a display window?

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