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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Entertainment Companies?

Music and events.

The overwhelming feeling of a fan's enthusiasm was once commonly experienced only at concerts. The use of QR codes can extend that enthusiasm long after the concert is over. With QR code-based marketing, entertainment brands and artists can deliver the real-time connection every fan is striving for. Delivr provides an activation platform that fuels this increased connection — driving loyalty, interest and sales.

Movies and television.

The movie and television industries rely heavily on reaching out to viewers through the same platform. They show trailers and advertisements before movies and during commercial breaks on television. These trailers and advertisements can be extended with QR codes so audiences can see and do more. QR codes when printed within newspaper and magazine ads, let audiences see screen caps from an up and coming television show, watch a movie trailer or order merchandise.

Video games.

The gaming industry benefits from a close-knit community of followers whose excitement for up and coming games comes mostly from word of mouth and online social media. QR codes embedded in advertisements and in-store displays deliver the trailers, reviews and additional information gamers want to see and share. This added convenience helps encourage impulse buying and adds a unique feature to the shopping experience.

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