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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Store Windows?

5 tips for the use of QR codes on store windows.

  1. Divert to a website or product. The aim of the game when it comes to the use of QR codes on store windows is to encourage customer behaviour by offering a streamlined way to get at something that usually requires a little effort. So, instead of having to type in the website on their phone and locate the product through the search bar, a QR code on a shop window can take scanners straight to the product in question. Now, this works great whether it is an online store you are vending from, but it is especially good if the product is right inside the store itself. Naturally, this is a great way to encourage people to walk through your door seeking specific products.
  2. Scan for a promotion. It might seem like a weird thing to offer a discount code at the store itself, but you have to keep in mind that a customer walking by in front of your store doesn't help you much. The key is to get them through the door and a coupon code for an in-store product in the form of a QR codes on your window is a great way to motivate passerbys to enter your store. At the very least, you will educate consumers about what kinds of offers and products are available at your store.
  3. Give 'em a win! QR Codes on store windows don't always have to take the form of a QR codes on a store windows at the front of the building. For instance, a QR code could be provided where customers could enter a prize draw by scanning the code on the inside of your store window. You might be tempted to say, “Well, everyone runs giveaways and sweepstakes from time to time and almost no-one enters,” but QR codes on store windows used in this way add more to the prize offer because they eliminate the entry effort. For example, how often have you received the chance to win a big prize by writing to the address on a bottle cap or sticker? Of course you didn't enter! The low odds didn't warrant the effort. With prize directed QR codes on show windows, people can be in with a chance to win the second they scan, enhancing the overall appeal and ease of use.
  4. Partner with a known quantity. QR codes on store windows are also a great opportunity to add your brand to whatever is the big thing happening in your area. If this is the release of a new movie or an upcoming festival, you can offer to present an ad that also has a QR code that relates to products or offers in your store. If it's a festival, why not link in a beer promotion. Or discount toys and items relating to the movie in question. The idea is to get pro-active and look for partners who will see a mutual benefit in teaming up with your store.
  5. Sell your brand. QR codes on store windows can also be used to link to video content. This means you can give someone a thirty-second overview of your store and motivate them to explore. This strategy has been used to great effect by Coca-Cola and others, but there is no reason why it can't work just as well for a bricks and mortar business.

With QR codes stores link shoppers to online experiences.

“I’m a do-it-yourself guy,” says Dave Sims, vice president of customer relationship management at GNC. “Right now I’m setting up about 20 codes that are going live tomorrow. I’ve talked to the CEO and really like the analytics I get plus the ability to change on the fly—one of our uses is to put one QR code in windows and update it daily with a new URL to always have a new deal running.“

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by Bill Siwicki  Managing Editor, Mobile Commerce, Internet Retailer

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