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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Bottles & Cans?

Any beverage product can benefit from using QR codes to provide consumers with more information, either at the point of sale or after purchase. QR Codes allow manufacturers to create connections, eductate and tell stories in unique ways.

Information matters, add value to products.

Consumers want to know nutritional information, whether artificial sweeteners have been used, how many calories a drink contains, and information about things like anti-GMO credentials, sustainability or carbon emissions. You can't put all of that on the packaging - which is how a QR code linking to more information can elevate your packaging to smart packaging. QR codes and also be linked to stories directly from growers and collectives, setting smaller manufacturers apart from big corporations.

Using QR codes on wine bottles.

When customers scan QR codes on wine bottles in store or after a delivery, they can find out where the grapes have come from, see intros from growers and wineries, learn about suggested pairings with specific foods or deserts, and generally get a feel for the wine's authenticity.

Enhancing coffee cups with QR codes.

Even ordinary old coffee cups can be enhanced. When QR codes are added to coffee cups, they can link customers to loyalty propgrams and offers. As they sip their coffee, customers can casually scan the QR code and find out everything they need to know about special offers or loyalty points using the QR code.

Need QR Codes for your packaging?


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