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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Posters?

Posters need to grab attention. So they need to make a visual impact that attract the eyes of people who see it for a second or two - maybe less. However, at the same time a poster design needs to convey information. They aren't just works of art. They have to provide details about prices, discounts, contact numbers and dates. But they have to do so without filling the space with words and numbers. That's a tricky balancing act to achieve, but doing so is easier when you use QR codes on posters.

Grab attention and provide information with QR codes on posters.

QR codes are designed to be scanned by smartphones, providing an instant link between the document or packaging being scanned and whatever online location the you want your customers to visit. This saves valuable poster space as the information you need to provide can be stored elsewhere. It's a space efficient, elegant solution to the balance mentioned earlier.

5 ideas for using QR codes in poster designs.

  1. Movie marketing from CBS In 2011, CBS re-released the 70s classic "the Mechanic", and wanted a way to link to the movie's site without compromising their aesthetic. So they added a QR code within their main graphic design, allowing fans to find out more about the film.
  2. Green Day promoted the release of their Album “21st Century Breakdown" with QR codes. In addition to the cover of their CD, Green Day  strategically placed QR codes on magazine ads, posters, stickers, and even on buses! By scanning their QR code, fans were directed to an exclusive mobile site where they can listen to music, watch videos, connect with other fans, and even download their hit, "Do You Know Your Enemy", to their phone. Learn more.
  3. Keeping the Coke look fresh. Coke wanting  something informative but minimalist, created an image of someone opening a can, with the QR code included in an escaping cloud of fizz.
  4. After a rise in pickpockets on London's subway, the authorities created eye-catching posters designed to raise awareness. A scannable QR code was placed in the corner of the poster, sending viewers to an informative video about keeping their possessions safe.
  5. Starbucks created one of the all-time great QR code-based posters simply by arranging coffee beans into the shape of a QR code. Simple, totally on-brand and hard to resist, it's a textbook example of getting QR code-based posters right. Strabucks continued to use QR codes to link to their apps, offers and product information.

Need a QR code for a poster?


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