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What Are the Uses of QR codes for Healthcare, Doctors & Dentists

Implementing QR codes in healthcare is beneficial, especially when it comes to connecting and communicating with patients. QR codes can be used by clinics, hospitals, healthcare centers or in a doctor’s office.

Bridge the communication gap.

Business cards are often discarded as soon as they are handed out. With the a Profile QR code with vCard, you can make access to your contact information a lot easier for your patients. A quick scan allows patients to easily save your phone number, email and address as well as the links to your social media profiles. Plus, you can always update the information in your profile without needing to reprint or QR code or the materials it's placed on.

Share info without a website.

Maintaining your own website takes time and effort. With the a Business Profile QR Code you don’t need your own homepage to offer your patients all relevant information about your clinic in one place. Place a Business Profile QR Code on the outside of your building and easily share your opening hours, phone number, email address or additional website links. With one scan, patients get all the information they need while you can focus on providing care.

Improve your services.

Collecting feedback about your services often gets overlooked in the daily hassle of a clinic. Let patients take feedback survey in their own time by including a QR code linking to a feedback forms. After completion form contents are directly submitted to your preferred email address so you can view the suggestions and improve your services. You can also easily edit the form any time if you want to adjust the topics on your questionnaire to get more detailed feedback on your treatments, staff or facility.

Help patients come prepared.

Avoid patients showing up to their appointments unprepared by including a QR code on appointment cards or signs at the welcome desk. Share information  and checklists to help patients prepare necessary documents for their appointment or how to behave after a treatment. Easily update the information when needed without reprinting a new QR code or the materials the QR code is placed on.

Need a QR code for your clinic, hospital, healthcare center or in a doctor’s office?

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