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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Displays?

QR codes on store displays enrich the consumer shopping experience while boosting sales.

The value of QR Codes on displays.

Effective use of QR codes on point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) displays include providing helpful information to customers at the moment of making a buying decision. As well as benefiting from increased sales, as a retailer, you can also use these codes for encouraging  shoppers to provide their contact details in exchange for offers and discounts.

Suggestions on where QR codes can be used on your displays.

  1. QR codes in display windows. The use of codes in your window display totally transforms the concept of “window shopping”. They give customers instant access to product information ranging from reviews and styling advice to finding out about related products. QR code are "always open" extending the shopping day after your store is closed, consumers can simply scan and buy.
  2. QR codes on point of sale displays. Point of sale and checkout displays have always been used to promote impulse purchases. When QR codes are added to your point of sale displays thay can also serve as a tool for showcasing your store's special offers and new product arrivals. Alongside the QR code, a clear call to action should be displayed, indicating whether scanning the code leads to product information, free samples, discounts or a sweepstakes entry.
  3. QR codes on floor standups. The placement of floor standups featuring QR codes can highlight your seasonal promotions and special offers. For example, scanning a QR code can give images of a selected item such as a dress that has been styled and accessorized in different ways. Such creative floor standups are a proven method to drive further purchases.
  4. QR codes on pop up displays. Pop up displays with QR codes can increase consumer interaction with your brand by linking a product to digital promotional campaigns. Shoppers can see the product, whether it's clothing, homeware or food, being styled or used in creative ways. This instantly alerts them to the product's potential as while suggesting related products they might wish to purchase.
  5. QR codes on LED displays. Large LED display screens in your store, a shopping mall or public arena are a great way of advertising your product. As the QR code has now become part of a moving image you will need to ensure the LCD or LED screen is of the highest quality possible with an optimal refresh rate and minimal light distortion, both factors that can affect code scanning.
  6. QR codes on trade show displays. Using QR codes on trade show displays immediately increases the size, scope, and potential value of your exhibition space by extending your space to your visitors smartphones. Whether they are linking to a sweepstakes entry, offering discounts  or simply providing a way of connecting with clients in the future, QR codes hep conver interest into sales.

Successfully designing QR codes for displays.

QR codes on displays need to be clearly visible from a distance, featuring bold and readable fonts that stand out from their surroundings. Provide the necessary information with small chunks of text and position the QR codes where they can be easily accessed by smartphones. Customize colors and fonts to match your brand while providing a clear contrast between foreground and background. When designing QR codes for LCD or LED display stands the design of the border and ensuring enough color contrast between the Code's design and the background become even more important.

The right design is a guaranteed way of generating more sales for your product. Once your code is designed, check its functionality across a range of mobile devices before committing to a print run. For more advice, visit our website and read how to get creative with QR code design.

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